This Newsletter Helps You To Invest More Like Big Money And Less Like Chad.

Allow us to introduce you to the cast of characters here.

OK. Big Money Good, Chad Bad. Got it.

Cestrian Market Insight is focused on using institutional, Big Money methods - both technical and fundamental - to watch where Big Money is likely accumulating positions for the long term, and where those same Big Money folks are likely selling down positions.

We write this newsletter to keep you up to date on the major market index moves, and market sector rotations, to help you tag along with Big Money. Rather than hanging with Chad, who is usually buying what Big Money is selling, and selling what Big Money is buying.

The free version of this newsletter keeps you ahead of the trends. Market Insight Premium, the low-cost paid version, gives you specific, actionable, timely ideas with price targets and stop-loss levels. Join us. Start with the free version.

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About Cestrian Capital Research, Inc

We’re an SEC-regulated independent investment research business. Based in Newport Beach, California, we’re a full service shop covering market direction, sector rotation trends, single-stock names in the technology, space and defense sectors, and plenty more besides. You can read more about us at our website.

Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - 12 September 2022.


Cestrian Capital Research, Inc 
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc is an SEC-regulated independent investment research business. You can learn more at .