Dig out the early '80s synth tunes
If you don't know? You need to know.
It's Another MOTU Banana Skin Folks
Judgment Day is upon us.
Overnight Market Update, LiteOvernight Market Update will be late today. In any event it is a simple sitution. The Dow has broken the June low and turned it into resistance.…
Huge up day yesterday. Trashed overnight - but of course!
Never a dull moment.
The circus rolls on!
Missed our webinar yesterday? Fear not.
But don't take it from us.
Heard From The Basement: "Mom. MOM. PASS THE SICK BUCKET I'M GONNA VOMIT".
Punch Drunk, On The Ropes, Still Standing ThoOr in other words watch out for our market update, coming your way later today. Although literally everyone thinks it’s all over for western cap…